1)George W. Bush- Everyone’s number 1, you know it.

2)Chris Brown- What a little bitch. I’ve suspected he was a fag for quite some time. Note I didn’t say gay, I said fag because I know some super cool gay people and fag is a term I use for gay total prick.

3)Brad Pitt- 2 words………..TURBO DOUCHEBAG!!!!!!!

4)Arnold Schwarzenegger- Appreciated the Terminators but how could you do this to our country. No offense but you’re too much of a dumbass to be a governor.

5) “Gucci Mane”- OMFG your ass is so lucky I forgot about you when I was at number 2. Jesus what a fucking gay tool. WHAT KIND OF UNEDUCATED MORON WOULD NAME THEMSELVES AFTER A PART OF THE BODY ABOUT 3 INCHES FROM THERE ASSHOLE?????? “Gucci Mane” go kill yourself. I’d say you problably tied it up with Bush.

6)Kevin Federline- The sad thing is I think he actually tries to out douchebag the rest of the world and he even failed at that. Only # 6 on the list too bad. I imagine he needed a pick-up after he discovered that he couldn’t rap………..or is that still news to him?


1)Beyonce(who is this not true for? I have no idea how Jay-Z got her but God must have loved him that day.)

2)Taylor Swift(God she is beautiful. Don’t hate)

3)Allyson Felix(My Track Goddess. The Fact that she can run fast makes her oh so sexier. MyCoach just gotta step off. He’s too old anyways.)

4)Keri Hilson(Her voice just makes me weak and her eyes are so BEAUTIFUL. ARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!)

5)Lady GaGa(especially with her hair cut like in her Paparazzi video. Unique taste but she is so damn gorgeous. AHHHHHHHHH)

6)Jessica Alba(Baby? It was suppose to us. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!)

7)Hilary Duff(She IS NOT fat. She is normal sized and oh so gorgeous.)

8)Kristin Kreuk(OOOOOOOOOWEEE!!!!! One Day girl….one day.

9)Rihanna(How could Chris Brown hit a female, especially one as beautiful as her. Jeez I wanna woop his ass.)

10)Erica Durance(Who wouldn’t fall in love with that body?)

Is it just me or has this summer been really slow. I don’t know about anyone else but all I’ve done this summer is go to practice and hang out with some friends. Does anyone know of anything exciting to do? God this is boring.