I would like to know why the U.S. government doesn’t legalize guns. I mean what could possibly be bad about guns being legal and everybody having them? The government would like everybody to think that guns are bad because they are dangerous because “guns kill”, but in the words of the talking gun off of Family Guy “Guns don’t kill people, dangerous minorities do!!!” lolol. But all joking aside I believe legalizing guns¬† would actually REDUCE the crime rate everywhere. Because think about it. The main crimes that guns are used to commit are muggings on the street and robbing stores, or in essense………..stealing. But I think these dumbfucks with the guns would be much less likely to rob somebody if they knew that said somebody might have a bigger gun than them, because let’s face it, people who walk around the streets and think they’re REAL BIG MEN with there guns are just little pussys at heart because they are too cowardly to settle there differences like men. Especially these pussy ass gangs nowadays. Gangs used to be about people who had bad homes and came together to have a sense of family and support. Back then they settled there differences like men with there fists. But nowadays gangs are so fucking soft. ” O I don’t want to fight him 1 on 1 like a man because if he hits me it might hurt. I guess I’ll just shoot him because I’m too much of a bitch to fight.” I think legalizing guns would also fix this pussy problem because even though pussys are scared of pain, their pussy instincts tell them to be even more scared of death………Good Instincts!!!!! If guns were legalized and everyone in every neighborhood had one, these gangs today would be too bitchlike to keep banging. No longer would law abiding citizens have to feel defenseless because they would be abiding by the law and still be able to blow a mother fuckers brains out for trying to hurt his/her child. So in conclusion GUNS ARE GOOD AND SHOULD BE HELD BY ALL!!!!!


Hey don’t you just hate fat people who just refuse to except the fact that they are fat? This happens more with girl than with boys and that just pisses me off. Not only do they refuse to except that they’re fat, they are utterly convince that they are sexy…………BARF!!!!!!! What bothers me the most is those who, when you tell them they are fat, they say with such pride, “I ain’t fat I’m THICK.”…………………BITCH YOU FAT THERE IS A FINE LINE!!!!!!!! Also I don’t believe in having a glandular problem. Some people use having a glandular problem as an excuse for being fat. I say just STOP EATING and EXERCISE!!!!!! Don’t use big made up word to make your fatass feel better. Fat people in general don’t bother me, it’s just those who don’t want to admit that they are fat fucks. I actually once met a girl who took two car seats who believed she was…………. get this at a “healthy weight”………..maybe for a baby whale but certainly not for a human female no ma’am. I firmly believe to be considered to be at a “heathy weight” that you have to be able to clearly see your toes when you look down. So to anyone that is wondering, if you have to stop to catch your breath halfway up a flight of stairs OR if you pass out at the top, YOU ARE FAT/OBESE/OVERWEIGHT/A TUB OF LARD/TONS OF FUN/ or my favorite A FAT FAT FATTY!!!!!!. Fat people just admit that you are fat and you would make the world a much better place.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, if you are better than average at something you will have people who admire you(a fan).¬† And in every group of fans there will always be that one fan, or a couple, who cross the line……………..scratch that they stepped over the line then ran a marathon on the other side. There is a fine line between admiration and obsession(just plain creepiness). Like this year during track season, there was this sprinter who was just a little better than everyone else, but he was a very self righteous jerk wad. Well anyway all the coaches said good things about him. His name was Chris Kyles. This guy on our team practically worshipped the ground Chris Kyles walked on to the point that we believe he cried a little bit when he saw Chris Kyles lose at state later on that year. Well we had a 400m runner on or team than ran about .02 seconds slower than Kyles and this bitch on our team would just go on about how Kyles was so good. CHEER FOR THE DUDE ON YOUR TEAM YOU LITTLE DIPSHIT!!!!! Dude would go on everyday about how he LOVED CHRIS KYLES. Well why don’t you go see if he’ll give you and autograph if you suck his dick you little weird bitch. Another Example is Kobe Bryant. What the fuck is with all these people. WE GET IT HE’S GOOD!!!!!! But when we not talking basketball let’s not bring him up in every situation like, “I bet Kobe Bryant could eat that steak better than you.” “I bet Kobe Bryant could walk down the hall nicer than you.” “I BET KOBE BRYANT CAN TAKE A SHIT FASTER THAN YOU!!!!!!” Well you know what I say? HE HAD SEX WITH AN UNDERAGE GIRL SO HE’S A SEX OFFENDER!!!!!!!! God, I understand than your a fan but get off his dick long enough to talk about normal life once in a while. And my last SUPREME example…………..The Pope. He had a humongous following. He actually convince and army of Christians to go on a campaign to kill everyone that wasn’t like them throughout Europe. When you are killing millions of people with medieval weapons and you don’t stop for a second to think ” Maybe we can live peacefully with them.” or “Wait is killing people because they don’t believe in the same exact thing that I believe in wrong?” then you know you are taking the fan thing just a little too far. All yall freaky borderline stalker fans out there…………………….CHILL THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!!!

What the fuck is with asian people and turning on the air conditioning. I mean it could be like 90 degrees and asian parents just flat out refuse to turn on the a/c. But i’m not talking about all asian parents. I’m mainly focusing on the asian parents that come from the country-side of China and not the city-folks. City-folk don’t have any problems with the air conditioning, but country-folk are like “Air conditioning? What do you need air conditioning for? Did you know that when I was small I made it through a 120 degree summer, outside, with nothing but a fan?”. OK OK I didn’t ask you all that I just wanted the freaking air conditioning turned on. And News Flash…………YOUR NOT A CHILD ANYMORE AND WE ARE NOT LIVING ON A FARM!!!!!!!! We have running water now. I’m sitting here sweating soooooooooooooooo much I could quite literally be melting, and what does my dad say? “Crack a window.”…………………………………. FUCK YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!! You want me to open a window to the outside? Where all the heat is coming from? SHIT!!!!!! No offense to my race, but I FUCKING HATE asian people in the summer.

Can someone tell me WHAT THE FUCK is with this summer? This is some fucking bullshit. I remember it being hot but this is really starting to PISS ME OFF!!!!!! In the mornings i have cross-country practice which means I run miles and mile and the sun is just out there beating down on me. Also if I get a freaking tan like last summer that was perfectly around my wife beater that I still have to this day(it’s been nick named my “Hill Billy Tan”) I will be thoroughly pissed off. It’s like the sun knows exactly how to piss me off. When I get home and shower why the hell would I wanna go back out again a smell like ass. Fuck That, I’ll take the staying and home and rotting like a couch potatoe at least it’s less freaking hot. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHY DOES GOD HATE ME???????????????????????????? Why can’t the temperature just stay at 69 degrees all year long? Is that too much to ask? FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK SHIT DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TURN DOWN THE HEAT THIS SUMMER!!!!!!!


Me and my friends always get into this dumbass arguement about who would win, Superman or Batman, and I just can’t comprehend how in the hell a guy in Bat tights with no super powers could beat the greatest Superhero of all time. I mean really, WTF IS HE GONNA DO. Batman fights normal villians which is why is gadgets work, but if he ever tried to kung-fu Superman or throw a gay bat shaped boomerang at him he would get his head smashed in. It’s just illogical that Batman could ever win. Some people put up the arguement,” Well Batman could just get Kryptonite and kill Superman”. Well I say a meteor could fall from the sky and blow up the earth leaving only Superman alive too, because that is just as improbable. IT’S A FREAKING ROCK FROM A PLANET ABOUT 10 BILLION LIGHT-YEARS AWAY!!!!! It’s not that freaking easy to get. Also Superman has x-ray vision and super hearing therefore he would see it coming. He could counter by running away at speeds faster than a speeding bullet and laser the shit out of Batman for 100 miles away. In conclusion I believe Superman would KICK THE SHIT out of Batman.