I would like to know why the U.S. government doesn’t legalize guns. I mean what could possibly be bad about guns being legal and everybody having them? The government would like everybody to think that guns are bad because they are dangerous because “guns kill”, but in the words of the talking gun off of Family Guy “Guns don’t kill people, dangerous minorities do!!!” lolol. But all joking aside I believe legalizing guns  would actually REDUCE the crime rate everywhere. Because think about it. The main crimes that guns are used to commit are muggings on the street and robbing stores, or in essense………..stealing. But I think these dumbfucks with the guns would be much less likely to rob somebody if they knew that said somebody might have a bigger gun than them, because let’s face it, people who walk around the streets and think they’re REAL BIG MEN with there guns are just little pussys at heart because they are too cowardly to settle there differences like men. Especially these pussy ass gangs nowadays. Gangs used to be about people who had bad homes and came together to have a sense of family and support. Back then they settled there differences like men with there fists. But nowadays gangs are so fucking soft. ” O I don’t want to fight him 1 on 1 like a man because if he hits me it might hurt. I guess I’ll just shoot him because I’m too much of a bitch to fight.” I think legalizing guns would also fix this pussy problem because even though pussys are scared of pain, their pussy instincts tell them to be even more scared of death………Good Instincts!!!!! If guns were legalized and everyone in every neighborhood had one, these gangs today would be too bitchlike to keep banging. No longer would law abiding citizens have to feel defenseless because they would be abiding by the law and still be able to blow a mother fuckers brains out for trying to hurt his/her child. So in conclusion GUNS ARE GOOD AND SHOULD BE HELD BY ALL!!!!!