1)George W. Bush- Everyone’s number 1, you know it.

2)Chris Brown- What a little bitch. I’ve suspected he was a fag for quite some time. Note I didn’t say gay, I said fag because I know some super cool gay people and fag is a term I use for gay total prick.

3)Brad Pitt- 2 words………..TURBO DOUCHEBAG!!!!!!!

4)Arnold Schwarzenegger- Appreciated the Terminators but how could you do this to our country. No offense but you’re too much of a dumbass to be a governor.

5) “Gucci Mane”- OMFG your ass is so lucky I forgot about you when I was at number 2. Jesus what a fucking gay tool. WHAT KIND OF UNEDUCATED MORON WOULD NAME THEMSELVES AFTER A PART OF THE BODY ABOUT 3 INCHES FROM THERE ASSHOLE?????? “Gucci Mane” go kill yourself. I’d say you problably tied it up with Bush.

6)Kevin Federline- The sad thing is I think he actually tries to out douchebag the rest of the world and he even failed at that. Only # 6 on the list too bad. I imagine he needed a pick-up after he discovered that he couldn’t rap………..or is that still news to him?