Hey don’t you just hate fat people who just refuse to except the fact that they are fat? This happens more with girl than with boys and that just pisses me off. Not only do they refuse to except that they’re fat, they are utterly convince that they are sexy…………BARF!!!!!!! What bothers me the most is those who, when you tell them they are fat, they say with such pride, “I ain’t fat I’m THICK.”…………………BITCH YOU FAT THERE IS A FINE LINE!!!!!!!! Also I don’t believe in having a glandular problem. Some people use having a glandular problem as an excuse for being fat. I say just STOP EATING and EXERCISE!!!!!! Don’t use big made up word to make your fatass feel better. Fat people in general don’t bother me, it’s just those who don’t want to admit that they are fat fucks. I actually once met a girl who took two car seats who believed she was…………. get this at a “healthy weight”………..maybe for a baby whale but certainly not for a human female no ma’am. I firmly believe to be considered to be at a “heathy weight” that you have to be able to clearly see your toes when you look down. So to anyone that is wondering, if you have to stop to catch your breath halfway up a flight of stairs OR if you pass out at the top, YOU ARE FAT/OBESE/OVERWEIGHT/A TUB OF LARD/TONS OF FUN/ or my favorite A FAT FAT FATTY!!!!!!. Fat people just admit that you are fat and you would make the world a much better place.