No matter who you are or where you’re from, if you are better than average at something you will have people who admire you(a fan).  And in every group of fans there will always be that one fan, or a couple, who cross the line……………..scratch that they stepped over the line then ran a marathon on the other side. There is a fine line between admiration and obsession(just plain creepiness). Like this year during track season, there was this sprinter who was just a little better than everyone else, but he was a very self righteous jerk wad. Well anyway all the coaches said good things about him. His name was Chris Kyles. This guy on our team practically worshipped the ground Chris Kyles walked on to the point that we believe he cried a little bit when he saw Chris Kyles lose at state later on that year. Well we had a 400m runner on or team than ran about .02 seconds slower than Kyles and this bitch on our team would just go on about how Kyles was so good. CHEER FOR THE DUDE ON YOUR TEAM YOU LITTLE DIPSHIT!!!!! Dude would go on everyday about how he LOVED CHRIS KYLES. Well why don’t you go see if he’ll give you and autograph if you suck his dick you little weird bitch. Another Example is Kobe Bryant. What the fuck is with all these people. WE GET IT HE’S GOOD!!!!!! But when we not talking basketball let’s not bring him up in every situation like, “I bet Kobe Bryant could eat that steak better than you.” “I bet Kobe Bryant could walk down the hall nicer than you.” “I BET KOBE BRYANT CAN TAKE A SHIT FASTER THAN YOU!!!!!!” Well you know what I say? HE HAD SEX WITH AN UNDERAGE GIRL SO HE’S A SEX OFFENDER!!!!!!!! God, I understand than your a fan but get off his dick long enough to talk about normal life once in a while. And my last SUPREME example…………..The Pope. He had a humongous following. He actually convince and army of Christians to go on a campaign to kill everyone that wasn’t like them throughout Europe. When you are killing millions of people with medieval weapons and you don’t stop for a second to think ” Maybe we can live peacefully with them.” or “Wait is killing people because they don’t believe in the same exact thing that I believe in wrong?” then you know you are taking the fan thing just a little too far. All yall freaky borderline stalker fans out there…………………….CHILL THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!!!