What the fuck is with asian people and turning on the air conditioning. I mean it could be like 90 degrees and asian parents just flat out refuse to turn on the a/c. But i’m not talking about all asian parents. I’m mainly focusing on the asian parents that come from the country-side of China and not the city-folks. City-folk don’t have any problems with the air conditioning, but country-folk are like “Air conditioning? What do you need air conditioning for? Did you know that when I was small I made it through a 120 degree summer, outside, with nothing but a fan?”. OK OK I didn’t ask you all that I just wanted the freaking air conditioning turned on. And News Flash…………YOUR NOT A CHILD ANYMORE AND WE ARE NOT LIVING ON A FARM!!!!!!!! We have running water now. I’m sitting here sweating soooooooooooooooo much I could quite literally be melting, and what does my dad say? “Crack a window.”…………………………………. FUCK YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!! You want me to open a window to the outside? Where all the heat is coming from? SHIT!!!!!! No offense to my race, but I FUCKING HATE asian people in the summer.